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The Gift of the Great Pyrenees


The Gift of a Great Pyrenees Puppy….

As I come to know so many wonderful Great Pyr lovers I realize this:  God is involved in their lives, and we at Rehoboth have a part in adding “Joy & Hope” into their lives.

You see, we have a heavenly Father, who is a wonderful Father, who is a Wonderful God.  He is concerned with bringing Love, Joy and Hope into our lives - including a dog.  How awesome and sweet a loving Father we have, that He would want to bless us with His creation, a Great Pyrenees pup.  He delights in giving us the desires of our heart (Psalm 37:3-6)…how sweet to know we have a Father in heaven who is concerned with every part of our lives.

I wonder when He made this majestic dog, if He knew the joy it would bring to so many lives.  I’m sure He saw the laughter this dog would bring, and I know He saw the tears that have been shed as well.  We had no idea that our puppies had such an impact on the lives of those He brings to our doorstep.  So many have lost their beloved family members.  Some have had to give up their Pyrs for various reasons.  Some are going through very difficult times in their lives, and these little pups will bring love, joy, hope, grace and much happiness.

We are so blessed to be a part of your life and adding “Love, Joy & Hope” into your lives.  Please know we pray for each mother dog, all the puppies and your family.

Thank you for letting us become a part of your life…