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                                      Health Information

General Health Information

Our dogs and puppies are current on vaccinations, regularly de-wormed (each season), treated for heart worm and annual DPV Booster.  All puppies see our veterinarian and receive a veterinary Letter of Health Check before they are allowed to go to their new homes.

Puppies flying to their new home will also receive a Certificate of Health / Acclimation Certificate required and approved by the airlines.


OFA Testing


We have decided not to do OFA Testing. We believe the health of an animal is highly dependent upon the healthiness of the diet, so we take a more natural, holistic approach. Here is some background on why we do this?and what we do.


Physical problems, especially Hip Dysplasia, often result from 1) improper diet, including dog food that is GMO-based (genetically modified organisms) and typically contains wheat, corn, and soy which negatively affect the body, metabolism, and immune system ? and 2) over-immunization.  The GMO process and makeup cause inflammation in the joints and muscles, thereby leading to joint / hip and other physical problems. And over-immunization negatively impacts an animal?s system just as intensely. From talking to our buyers who tell us about dogs they owned before finding Rehoboth Farms, we notice a significantly shorter lifespan among their dogs who had been fed GMO-based diets as well.


Next, with OFA Testing, you have to put your dog under general anesthesia, which in itself is not exactly good for the dog. And lastly, OFA Testing is not a guarantee against future physical issues either. So we felt it best to simply take excellent care of our animals.


We subscribe to a more natural, holistic diet (not only for our dogs, but for our family as well?it is a lifestyle for us). We feed our puppies Diamond Natural Large Breed Puppy Food, which has high Protein and Fat Content which a growing large-breed puppy needs, as well as containing no wheat, corn, or soy.


Regarding medications, we don't believe in over-immunizing. We provide three de-worming series with Pyrantel Pamoate, and the first DPV shot for Parvo Distemper. Our buyers' vets provide any other immunizations or medications after that.


Related to this, our veterinarian, Dr. Joanna Tysor, is one of the best farm vets around. She's been taking care of animals of all kinds for decades and is well-known in these parts. She doesn't let a single thing get by her. We take our litters to her for a Litter Health Check at seven weeks of age, and she does a very thorough exam on every single pup (which is an interesting experience when I show up with anywhere from 6 to 18 pups at a time, depending on how many litters we have at the time). She examines for physical defects, heart murmurs, male testicular placement, fecal tests, teeth, tummy, weight, dew claws, and whole host of other observations. She then writes a "Litter Check" Letter that we provide to each of our buyers in Puppy Pick-Up Packet. If a puppy has anything wrong with it, it won't be leaving our property. By God's grace, we haven't had any issues that prevented a puppy from going home to its new owner.


Lastly, we buy very healthy breeding stock which are clear of any congenital or hereditary problems. This business is very important to our family, for what we teach our children through the business, regarding work ethic, responsibility, financial stewardship, interpersonal relationships and how to treat our buyers, and so on. We teach them that the reputation that follows you is based on your history of how you treat people. We've established a reputation as one of the country's most reputable breeders for livestock guardian and family pet Great Pyrs. (To be transparent, we don't sell to the show-dog market, it's simply not what we do.) We wouldn't be able to maintain this solid reputation if we were selling people pups that had continual hereditary or congenital problems.



We begin puppy vaccination at 7 weeks of age (Intervet Progard DPV, distemper and parvo), and de-worming at 3 weeks, 5weeks, 7 weeks, and then every month for the first 7 month of a puppy's life. We do not like to begin earlier, as mother's milk provides immunity for the puppy's first several weeks of life.  Per our doctor's recommendation and research we have done, beginning earlier does not help the puppy, but can actually weaken the puppy's immune system.  We also recommend quarterly de-worming with the use of Fenbendazole, which kills all canine worms.

We recommend you make an appointment within 3 days to have your puppy see your vet.


Recommended Vaccines

Distemper/Parvo at 8 weeks, 16 weeks and 24 weeks of age, and rabies at 6 month, followed by a 1-year booster, and then every 3 years.  Once your puppy has had their vaccines before the age of 6 months, they do not need a booster (except for rabies).  Please read the following link for more information:




We believe that providing the highest quality nutrition is extremely important in the growth and development of our puppies, and we feed and recommend only premium adult and puppy formulas.  Our puppies are introduced to solid food beginning at 3 weeks of age and are allowed to follow a natural weaning schedule determined by the mother which usually results in them being naturally weaned by 5 weeks of age.  We raise our puppies and breeding dogs on a high protein natural puppy formula made by Diamond, which can be purchased at your local pet stores.  It contains no wheat, no corn, no soy and no additives. 

We ask that you keep your puppy on a natural puppy formula that contains no wheat, no corn, and no soy for the first year of their life with at least 26% protein, and 15% fat.  If you cannot find the Diamond brand in your area, Innova Puppy Food or Blue Wilderness Puppy Food are excellent and can be purchased at PetsMart or PetCo nationwide. After one year, please keep your growing dog on a natural diet made for large breed dogs (again no wheat, no corn, no soy diet with high protein and fat).  We have found this diet to be wonderful for our dogs to ensure healthy, happy and longevity of life. 



Innova Puppy Food can be purchased at Petsmart or Petco.  Look at these wonderful ingredients:

Ingredients:    Turkey, chicken, chicken meal, barley, brown rice, rice, chicken fat, herring, flaxseed, natural flavors, apples, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, potassium, herring oil, sea salt, sunflower oil, eggs, cottage cheese, alfalfa sprouts, dried chicory root, direct-fed microbials, lecithin, rosemary extract, vitamins/minerals. 

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (min) 28 , Crude Fat (min) 16 %