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Check your fencing!  Always check your fencing before you bring home new animals!

Growing pains.  All farms will have them. We have ours.  This morning while eating breakfast with the children, I noticed one of our newest dog out roaming around the property.  Not bad, but she was not in the fence.  An hour later, we got her in back in to her rightful area.

Finished cleaning after breakfast, looked out side and saw three of the four new sheep, who just arrived last night, out wondering in the woods.  Not bad, but they too, were not in the fence!  Now, a dog is easy to catch compared to three frightened new sheep.  My little man, what I call my 8 year old son, who assumes a man's role on the farm when needed, worked with me for hours and hours in the cold to try to get the sheep to get into the pen.  I thought we had lost them.  Nothing was working.  I finally put all the animals...dogs, goat, horses...in the large pasture leaving the smaller pasture open.  Tabitha our goat got out.  I was not too concerned with Tabitha, as our goats stay close by and we can get them easily if needed.  Tabitha was an answer to prayer.

As soon as the sheep saw Tabitha, they began to follow her!  They needed a leader, and people at this point in their life could not fulfill the call of leader.  Once we saw this, we knew we could give Tabitha some grain in the pasture and sure enough the sheep followed her closely.  Four hours later, we were finally in the house and ready for a long two-hour much needed rest in the comforts of many, many blankets.

We too need a leader.  Sometimes we too can be like those frightened little sheep.  So scared to follow the voice of our true Shepherd.  If only those sheep knew I would lead them to safety, comfort and rest.  I was only looking out for their own good.  I wanted to bring them into the protection of a fence, with animals that would guard them.  Out in the woods they would have had no defense, they would have been prey to animals who would devour them.

Our heavenly Father wants the same for us.  He woos us with His love so that we too can enjoy the safety of His protection, the comfort of His love.  Let's not be like the sheep who would not listen to their shepherds voice.  Instead, when He calls, purpose in your heart to follow Him, wherever He may lead you.