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Rehoboth Farms of North Carolina
Home of the Great Pyrenees

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Rehoboth Farms of NC LLC

Business Summary

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We are entering a new season in our family life and ready to pass our highly-regarded, well-known and well-respected Great Pyrenees Dog Breeding Business on to a new owner. 

Our two website domains point to the same site:

- We have been successfully breeding beautiful, healthy AKC-Registered Great Pyrenees since 2007.
- #1 to #3 on Google Search for "Great Pyrenees Breeder" in Organic (non-paid) Search.

- First-page Google results for "Great Pyrenees Puppies" in Organic (non-paid) Search.

- We've amplify our inquiry volume by leveraging Google AdWords since mid-2017.

- We've sold almost 500 puppies since our first litter in 2007.
- We have buyers in 34 states, including Alaska.

5-Year Average: **
- Average selling 53.1 puppies / year.
- Average Annual Revenues: Available upon request

- Average Annual Expenses: Available upon request

- Average Annual Net Income: Available upon request
- Average 9.0 litters / year.
- Average 5.9 puppies / litter. Younger girls have 8-10 puppies / litter. Older girls have 4-8 puppies / litter.
- Average 164.6 Web inquiries / year.
- Average 92.8 Phone inquiries / year.

** Revenue for 2017 was 78% of our five-year annual average, with just our older breeding females producing puppies. We lost Abraham, one of our two breeding males, in April 2016, and so did not have a breeding male for all of 2017 for our younger female breeding stock. Calendar 2017 figures are not included in the above. Per notes below, “Included with the Business Purchase”, a new buyer will need a new breeding male, who can then mate with all seven of our fertile girls. Revenue should then return to the above ranges again.

Puppy Pricing History and Interesting Facts
- Puppy Prices started at $300 in 2007 (we didn't know any better).

- Prices now steady at $1195 per puppy for the past two years.
- One of our litters of four all-white puppies starred in Disney's "Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups" (2012).
- We have never had a puppy left over from a litter.
- Our buyers are "Families & Farms", we do not sell to the show-circuit.

- We stopped taking deposits in mid-2017 when we decided to put out business on the market. Buyers pay in full after the litter is born.

Included with the Business Purchase:
- 7 Breeding Females (6 are Mo's daughters, kept in separate pasture, which is why we are not selling Mo with the business. These girls were with Abraham, whom we no longer have as a breeding male. A new breeding male, who can mate with all seven females, will be needed. Three of Mo's' six daughters are "up-and-comers", meaning they are within months of breeding age.)
- Brand Name Value with AKC Recognition: Rehoboth Farms of NC LLC
- Business AKC Name
- Business Website w/two domain names: A veritable marketing machine #1-#3 on Google Searches: See above
- 90 Days Consultation from current owner
- Spreadsheet with history of buyers, individual dog records, AKC registration records, litter records, medical history, litter birthing worksheet, puppy shipping checklist, and more.
- Any dog food, medications, supplies, etc. we have on-hand at time of sale. 

- Two 50 lb. Pet Lodge all-metal dog-feeders (you'll need 'em) and four 25 lb. Pet Lodge all-metal feeders for the kennel / puppy stalls.

Recommended property, facilities, expectations around feeding, supplies, etc.:
- Fenced-in one-half-acre-minimum pastures (for running around) with trees somewhere (for shade / rest), continual fresh-water source, facility for refuge from the elements (does not need to be climate-controlled).
- Climate-controlled kennel with minimum three stalls, four would be better. We've had four litters in the kennel at the same time(!). We built double-stalls with "Mommy Peace-Areas".
- Easily accessible (by you, not the dogs) food storage area.
- For our total 12 dogs, we average (14-16) 40-lb. bags of Diamond Naturals Large Breed Dog Food per month. Food for eight dogs would be approx. (9-10) 40-lb. bags per month. Prices vary between $30-$40 / bag, depending on where purchased. There are other comparable brands that are all-natural, non-GMO, no-corn, no-soy, no-wheat, grain-free. I suggest asking your local supplier for a wholesale / bulk discount.

- We feed the puppies Diamond Natural Large Breed Puppy Food, starting Puppy Mush at 3-4 weeks of age, and solid food at five weeks of age
- You should keep the dogs current on Immunizations (Rabies, DPV, Heartworm, De-worming meds, etc.) and use good Flea / Tick prevention (we use Seresto Collars, which last for eight months).

Our dogs are all love-bugs and love attention. Great Pyrs are known for being exceptional livestock guardians, family- and child-friendly, very loyal, and typically pretty even-tempered (although I'd hate to be a predator around a Great Pyr).

We are located ten miles north of Pittsboro, NC.

Asking Price and Revenue / Expense / Income Details available upon request.

Open to any Reasonable Offer