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Rehoboth Farms of North Carolina
Home of the Great Pyrenees

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Shipping & Delivery Options

Personal Pick Up

If you live in the North Carolina area, or feel like a long drive, you are welcome to visit our family farm and meet the newest addition of your family.  You can also meet the parents of your new pup and our new "Puppy Nursery" facility.
If you decide to visit our farm, be prepared to be welcomed by our pack of very loving and social dogs and excited children!  Our dogs love meeting new people and we love to meet new families!  The dogs especially love children, and we love giving tours of the farm.  Puppies can go home at 8 weeks of age.

Shipping by Priority Air
We have shipped our puppies across the USA using Priority Air for many years, to 34 states including Alaska.  It is a very safe way to transport your newest addition.

We typically ship via American or United Airlines, which will reach most US destinations. On occasion we must ship via Delta Airlines, because Delta will still ship live animals on days when temperatures are either below 20 degrees, or above 85 degrees, anywhere on the flight route. Delta has special climate-controlled facilities for keeping animals safe and comfortable in the airport cargo areas during especially cold or hot days. American Airlines simply chooses not to allow shipping on days where temperatures are below 20 or above 85.

Please note that Delta Airlines is more expensive than American Airlines, typically around $100-$200 more, depending on destination. If you must, or choose to, ship via Delta, Rehoboth Farms of NC LLC requires that the difference in airfare be paid by the buyer before we will ship your puppy.

Both airlines take wonderful care of all their four-footed traveling guests.  Your puppy will have access to water and food and will travel with a toy from home that smells like Mommy. The familiar scent will allow your little one to relax and enjoy the vibrations of the airplane. 
Your puppy will arrive refreshed from a long nap and be ready to bond and play with his new family!  See you soon!

Cost for Air Fare, Vet Visit, Health Certificate from Licensed Veterinarian, Shipping Crate, Food Tray, Gas, and Shipping Prep Time is *$495.
(*price subject to change based on fuel pricing for airlines and destination)
Please note, puppies must be at least 8 weeks of age to travel and receive a clearance and Acclimation Certificate from our Veterinarian.  We will never put your puppy on the airplane unless our doctor says he is good to go.
Shipping by Ground: (Currently on hold...we will keep you posted)
We are pleased to announce our newest way to ship.  Ground transportation by a husband and wife team that have been shipping dogs for years in their private van.  They are well equipped to handle a safe and very comfortable ride for your new puppy.  Their cost is $.50 per mile.  They pick up at our home and deliver straight to your front door step.
There is an additional $50 fee to cover the cost of an extra veterinarian visit before the puppy is released from our farm to the ground carriers.
See You Soon!
For your convenience, we accept cash, bank cashiers check and PayPal (a secure, on-line, reputable way to pay accepting All Major Credit Cards and forms of payment.)
To pay for your puppy + shipping ($1195 puppy & $495 shipping = $1690) using PayPal, just click on the link below to get started. 
To pay for puppy shipping of $495 using PayPal,
just click on the link below to get started. 
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