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Rehoboth Farms of North Carolina
Home of the Great Pyrenees

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Rehoboth Farms of NC LLC

Business Summary



We are entering a new season in our family life and ready to pass our highly-regarded, well-known and well-respected Great Pyrenees Dog Breeding Business on to a new owner. 

Our two website domains point to the same site:

- We have been successfully breeding beautiful, healthy AKC-Registered Great Pyrenees since 2007.
- #1 to #3 on Google Search for "Great Pyrenees Breeder" in Organic (non-paid) Search.

- First-page Google results for "Great Pyrenees Puppies" in Organic (non-paid) Search.
- We've sold over 475 puppies since our first litter in 2007.
- We have buyers in 34 states, including Alaska.

Calendar Year 2012-2016: **
- Average selling 55.2 puppies / year.
- Average Annual Revenues: Available upon request

- Average Annual Expenses: Available upon request

- Average Annual Net Income: Available upon request
- Average 9.3 litters / year.
- Average 5.9 puppies / litter. Younger girls have 8-10 puppies / litter. Older girls have 4-8 puppies / litter.
- Average 164.6 Web inquiries / year.
- Average 92.8 Phone inquiries / year.

** Revenue for 2017 dropped 22% due to the loss of Abraham, one of our two breeding males. Calendar 2017 figures are not included in the above. Per notes below, “Included with the Business Purchase”, a new buyer will need a new breeding male, who can then mate with all eight of our fertile girls. Revenue should then return to the above ranges again.

Puppy Pricing History and Interesting Facts
- Puppy Prices started at $300 in 2007 (we didn't know any better).

- Prices now steady at $1195 per puppy for the past two years.
- One of our litters of four all-white puppies starred in Disney's "Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups" (2012).
- We have never had a puppy left over from a litter.
- Our buyers are "Families & Farms", we do not sell to the show-circuit.

Included with the Business Purchase:
- 1 Breeding Male: Mo (close to retirement age)
- 8 Breeding Females (6 are Mo's daughters, kept in separate pasture. They were with Abraham, whom we no longer have as a breeding male. A new breeding male, who can mate with all eight females, will be needed. Three of Mo's' six daughters are "up-and-comers", meaning they are not yet of breeding ago but soon will be as replacement stock.)
- Brand Name Value with AKC Recognition: Rehoboth Farms of NC LLC
- Business AKC Name
- Business Website w/two domain names: A veritable marketing machine #1-#3 on Google Searches: See above
- 90 Days Consultation from current owner
- Spreadsheet with history of buyers, individual dog records, AKC registration records, litter records, medical history, litter birthing worksheet, puppy shipping checklist, and more.
- Any dog food, medications, supplies, etc. we have on-hand at time of sale. 

- Four 50 lb. Pet Lodge all-metal dog-feeders (you'll need 'em) and five 25 lb. Pet Lodge all-metal feeders for the kennel / puppy stalls.

Recommended property, facilities, expectations around feeding, supplies, etc.:
- Two fenced-in 1/2-to-3/4-acre-minimum pastures (for running around) with trees somewhere (for shade / rest), continual fresh-water source, facility for refuge from the elements (does not need to be climate-controlled).
- Climate-controlled kennel with minimum three stalls, four would be better. We've had four litters in the kennel at the same time(!). We built double-stalls with "Mommy Peace-Areas".
- Easily accessible (by you, not the dogs) food storage area.
- We average (16-18) 40-lb. bags of Diamond Natural Large Breed Dog Food per month. Prices vary between $30-$40 / bag, depending on where purchased. There are other comparable brands that are all-natural, non-GMO, no-corn, no-soy, no-wheat, grain-free. I suggest asking your local supplier for a wholesale / bulk discount.

- We feed the puppies Diamond Natural Large Breed Puppy Food, starting Puppy Mush at 3-4 weeks of age, and solid food at five weeks of age
- You should keep the dogs current on Immunizations (Rabies, DPV, Heartworm, De-worming meds, etc.) and use good Flea / Tick prevention (we use Seresto Collars, which last for eight months).

Our dogs are all love-bugs and love attention. Great Pyrs are known for being exceptional livestock guardians, family- and child-friendly, very loyal, and typically pretty even-tempered. (I'd hate to be a predator around a Great Pyr, though.)

We are located ten miles north of Pittsboro, NC.

Asking Price available upon request.

Serious inquiries only.