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"For now the Lord has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land."   Genesis 26:22

We have a newborn litter of puppies...! 
Please contact us for more information.

Rebecca-Ruthie's Litter - Born 8/25/17
5 Boys and 4 Girls!

Our girl Rebecca-Ruthie gave us nine healthy, wiggly puppies late Friday night, Aug.25. They will be ready to go to their new homes near end-of-October.

See Pix at Photos > RebeccaR-20170825-Newborns

Feel free to contact us with questions:
(919) 545-8881 or [email protected]


Young, Handsome, Intact Male available for Family Environment: Gideon (not trained for livestock guardianship):

Born 1/9/16, Gideon has been in a family environment since March 2016. Family is moving, and they would like to find a new home for Gideon.

Gideon is great with kids, and grew up with another small dog and two cats! Healthy and well-socialized. 90 lbs.

See Gideon's pix here, or hover mouse over "Photos" link above. Please call or email if interested.


Retired Girl for Sale: Hannah

Born 10/9/10, Hannah is a super-sweet retired breeder. Shy, but loves attention. She was spayed this summer, and is still very active.  Hannah "talks" a lot with our neighbor's dogs (although it just sounds like barking to me). Hannah has been an outdoor dog all her life, and has spent a lot of time with goats, in addition to all our other dogs.

Give us a call if interested!



Thank you for visiting our family farm...we're thrilled you found us on the web and are taking a moment to visit with us. We enjoy taking care of God's creatures, big and small, and are blessed as a family to raise what we feel is the best dog on earth, the Great Pyrenees

They are not only incredible guard dogs, guarding our family and flocks, but also gentle giants who are part of our family. Whether you are looking for a loving family addition, livestock guardian dog, or even Disney movie stars, our pups will be a blessing to your life. 

We hope our website helps you learn more about this wonderful breed.  We love and care for our animals, and our goal here at Rehoboth is to place a well-loved, well-socialized, beautiful, healthy puppy into your home!

Feel free to contact us with questions:
(919) 545-8881 or [email protected]

Eva is spayed, retired, and available for relaxing pasture guardianship.

If you're looking for a "lawn ornament", Eva's the one for you.

Eva - See more pix here
Eva is also a big girl, retired in early 2016. She is more reserved than outgoing, and would make a good presence in a smaller pasture area (<1 acre) to protect livestock. Eva is very friendly and even-tempered, moves around at a measured pace, and loves people. Let us know if interested!


Rehoboth Movie Stars!

Our dogs were hired by Disney for one of their movies! Four of our pups from Samson and Eva's litter from Fall 2011 flew out to sunny Southern California for two months of training, and then on to Chilly Canada for six weeks of filming!  We are excited to now have movie stars here at Rehoboth Farms of North Carolina! We are so proud of our dogs and what a great honor. The DVD came out November 2012! Order the copy of your movie today!

Disney Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups

See our Disney Movie Stars page for pix of our pups on the Disney movie set!

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